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Toyota IST For Sale In Tanzania

Due to its amazing performance and exceptional comfort ride, Toyota IST for sale is one of the top options for young and active buyers in Tanzania. The subcompact car looks and feels a lot like the Toyota Vitz because it was based on its platform and design. Models of IST from the latest generation are reliable, sturdy, and packed with useful features. Tanzania has a young population; thus, this car was made especially for them. People in Tanzania are fascinated by the used Toyota IST for sale because it is regarded as the most practical and valuable car. And it’s price in Tanzania depends upon the condition and some other factors.

Enthusiastic about Driving

Used Toyota IST is an urban-friendly car with five doors that gives driving fun on roadways. It’s an ideal classic city car, packed with features that improve its efficiency around town. The low doorsills, high belt line, and potent engine give this car a rugged and striking look. The car has a beautifully crafted body, with fine details like the broad horizontal bars incorporated into the front grille, headlights, and bumper. As its name contains the suffix ‘ist’, this car is intended for a driving enthusiast.

IST New Model Features

Toyota IST new model for sale in Tanzania are essentially revamped version of Vitz. Still, it is upgraded with certain new features that boost its efficiency more than any other sub-compact automobile. This car comes with 1.3-litre or 1.5-litre VVT-I engine, delivering 65 horsepower and 81 horsepower correspondingly, which can drive a wheel through a 4-speed automatic gear. The driving posture and visibility are ideal, and the vehicle’s handling qualities are satisfactory. The trunk capacity in this subcompact car is exceptionally large compared to competitors. The back seats fold forward effortlessly to create a level load floor for transporting heavy items. Seating can be adjusted to accommodate passengers of varying heights, and the interior generally seems more spacious. There is sufficient trunk space and legroom for the back passengers. In addition, a spare wheel can be stored in the area under the boot tray. 

Fast, Adaptable Engine Performance

Used Toyota IST is driven by a 1.3-litre petrol engine, fitted with Dual Variable Valve Timing-Intelligent (VVT-i). It develops roughly 101 horsepower and torque of 132 Nm, which delivers outstanding performance. The standard engine is a front-wheel drive, while the diesel mode offers all-wheel drive. Both engines are paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The transmission is extremely excellent as it has seamless gear shifts. This car’s 5.5-litre-per-100-kilometre fuel economy is impressive, especially considering its high performance. A start and stop system that features the engine off when not in use is included in the power unit. As a result, IST has more features than any competing vehicle. This persomances ha ve made is more famous in Tanzania especially in Dar es salaam. Here are the ist for sale in Dar es salaam

What's so special about it?

Used Toyota IST for sale in Tanzania is equipped with a keyless entry system that functions flawlessly, among other features. There is a trip computer that displays data such as the average mpg, current mpg, outside temperature, and the number of miles driven. Its superior fuel efficiency and high mileage help it function admirably. Therefore, it is a capable and useful in a city like Dares salaam, offering a pleasant ride and reliable performance.


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