Car Prices In Dar es salaam

Used Cars Prices In Dar es salaam

How Much Is a Used Car In Dar es salaam?

When shopping for a used car in Dar es salaam, it’s good to know their market price to detrmine how much should you pay for a used car. To know the price you will pay for a used car in Dar es salaam depends entirely on your budget and type of a used car you want to buy. So, how do you make sure you get a good price when buying a used car?

1. Search Car Prices Online

Start researching cars you might be interested in to know their prices before you decide buying or going in unprepared. To know what kind of a used car you want, use resources like GariPesa Search where you can search used cars in Tanzania from private small cars to passanger buses.

2. Compare Car Prices In Dar es salaam

After knowing prices start comparing prices from different sellers. Use the site’s car compare tool to find out which seller has the best price. You can search for and compare pricing on any make, model, or year of car.  After having best prices from different sellers you can start negotiating prices.

3. Negotiate Car Price

After determining the best price from sellers start negotiating. Negotiating used car prices with a private seller could lead to a better deal. You and the seller can continue bargaining until you reach the price mark that you’re comfortable paying. It is good to choose a set price amount that is the maximum you’re willing to pay.


Do everything you can online, gatter information as much as you can, before physically going to buy the car. Negotiating for a used car price is an art, and it’s crucial to have confidence as you start to bargain. Don’t allow a seller or salesperson in a dealership to convince you into making purchace  decision that you’re not comfortable with.

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